Terminal Code Jam

THEME: Pain and suffering

Winner: ModProg with Language Guesser

Start: 04 Sept 08:00 UTC / 8am UTC

End : 06 Sept 08:00 UTC / 8am UTC

Important note:

Even though the URL has the word "game" in it, your submission doesn't have to be a game! The idea started out as a game jam but quickly changed to be more generic, however the url was already posted on various places.


How do I join the jam?

  1. Wait for the theme to be announced
  2. Write the code
  3. Commit the code to a public repository somewhere (Dnaka has kindly provided us with https://marmelade.dnaka91.rocks/
  4. Post a link to your submission:
    • On the Discord in the jam channel
    • In a PM to me on Discord
    • In a PM to me on Twitch

Note: if you want to be anonymous create a throw-away account on gitlab.com / github.com, and make sure you send the submission directly to me

System spec

Projects will be judged based on their creativity and relevance to the theme announced. The goal is to have fun and enjoy creating something, everyone should have a good time doing so.

Submitting your entry

In the process of setting up a private Gitea server